If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?

Shaking that ass. . .

If 2014 to 2019 have taught me anything about life it is that every day is one where we need to shake our ass and let our love for life fly.The whole world needs a reason to laugh, love and move more. We are social beings and need to work on staying connected.

This little prompt today reminded me it was time to update my about/bio page. David is a lifelong soccer player who now is still in the game 40 plus years after starting on the grass fields of Charleroi. He still runs up and down the field as a referee for his interval cardio and has danced in and out of the coaching world. He does have his US Soccer National D coaching licesnse. He currently lifts 5 days a week at Body Tech, Golds Gym, the living room or Planet Fitness. During Covid-19 the lifting and cardio primarily were moved to the home gym, Peloton app, outdoor swimming, SUP workouts, and running. In order to improve balance and flexibility he attempts to fit a weekly yoga class into the scheduled workouts and daily walks with (love you forever Reba Crosby) and now Phoebe and Crawford. He has taken to the pool for cardio as he embraces getting older. He is counting down until he can start doing hot yoga again with other humans, breathing and sweating in the same studio, sometime after Crawford grows out of puppy phase.

A perfect day starts at the gym and includes at least one good meal (not out of his Isolator fitness cooler bag).

  • When did you sing, dance or just laugh last?
    • Bare Naked Ladies
    • Jagged Little Pill
    • Dave Matthews
    • Coaching
    • Reffing
    • At a funeral
    • Yesterday
    • Today
    • Everyday
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