Crawford and Phoebe asked me to take a pause from puppy photos and our life to take a deeper dive into our HUMANITY. They both fell asleep to “Stand with Ukraine” from the Kyiv subway recorded earlier in May.

Take 30 minutes to think humanity first. Play this in the background as you remember the reason for this holiday.
  • In the United States this holiday was originally set aside to remember Union soldiers who died during the Civil War.
  • At the end of the Civil War, many U.S. cities held their own memorial observations for their hometown heroes.
  • After World War I, Memorial Day expanded to include those who died in any war or military action.
  • The name “Memorial Day,” became more common after World War II, and in 1967 was declared the official name by Federal law.


While we American’s make this holiday about our losses- we need to remember that any conflict has a side of winners and losers. Often the losers are also the winners since the destruction and devastation will impact physical, emotional and mental health. As humans we should remember the sacrifices that were made globally by all of those who lived, suffered, sacrificed and were traumatized by the Civil, French American, Indian, Mexican, Indian relocations, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq Operation, Afghanistan Occupation, great World Wars, other American wars, special operations and Korean conflicts.

We must remember that we need to stay on the side of humanity and continue to seek out honesty, empathy and humanity as we bee-bop around this One Sweet World.

Me after watching Bono & Edge standing with Ukraine


Mexico’s Gun Violence Suit in the US District Court
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  • Yes we Americans are truly helpless and not represented by our representatives in Congress.
  • Our court’s were designed to be the check and balance when our elected representatives are negligent in their duties to We the People.
  • Congress actually passed a law in 2005 U.S. protecting gun manufacturers from liability.
  • Look up the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act for yourself.
  • Yes if you find it funny that Our Congress would pass a law that protects Corporations over People then you really are not looking beyond the rhetoric and political storytelling that has shaped the theater of 2022.
  • Mexico claims guns smuggled from U.S. killed 17,000 in 2019.
  • The Mexican Government has a lawsuit filed against U.S. gun manufacturers and distributors and the arguments made by the Mexican government in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts are hereby made public.
  • The Attorneys General of Massachusetts and 13 additional states, note the interest of Massachusetts in having the lawsuit continue. They establish that the PLCAA (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act) does not grant immunities when a state law is violated, supporting the Mexican government’s argument.
  • 27 District Attorneys, led by San Francisco County, highlight the relationship between arms trafficking and increased crime .
  • Victims of armed violence, organizations, and experts relate the harm suffered by Mexicans as a result of illicit arms trafficking, which is actively facilitated by the negligent and illicit practices of the defendants.
  • The Government of Belize and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, together with a nongovernmental organization involved in human security issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasize the negative consequences of illicit arms trafficking.
  • US civil society groups that promote arms control in support of Mexico’s arguments.
  • International law scholars, principally European, agree with the Mexican government’s arguments regarding the application of laws in cases of cross-border harm.


The above Mexico situation is why CBS Sunday Morning had to share this Sandy Hook story.



School should be a safe place to grow our next generation of leaders. This is why I coach, I’d like to make a difference by shaping humans. As we pray and send love out to Uvalde, we also need to look at the full scope of human life in the United States.

Incident DateStateCity Or County# Killed# Injured
May 25, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia04
May 24, 2022TexasUvalde22Texas
May 23, 2022OhioCleveland05
May 23, 2022South CarolinaNorth Charleston05
May 21, 2022IndianaGoshen23
May 21, 2022WashingtonTacoma04
May 20, 2022FloridaKissimmee13
May 20, 2022CaliforniaHighland18
May 20, 2022LouisianaNew Orleans13
May 19, 2022IllinoisChicago27
May 18, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia05
May 17, 2022CaliforniaPalo Alto (East Palo Alto)13
May 15, 2022CaliforniaLaguna Woods15
May 15, 2022North CarolinaWinston Salem (Winston-salem)07
May 15, 2022North CarolinaElizabeth City04
May 15, 2022TexasHouston23
May 15, 2022TexasAmarillo14
May 14, 2022New YorkBuffalo103
May 13, 2022WisconsinMilwaukee017
May 12, 2022ArkansasHot Springs National Park (Hot Springs)14
May 11, 2022IllinoisChicago04
May 11, 2022MissouriSaint Louis13
May 11, 2022IndianaIndianapolis04
May 11, 2022New JerseyPaterson14
May 10, 2022MarylandBaltimore05
May 10, 2022IllinoisChicago14
May 10, 2022IllinoisChicago06
May 10, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia04
May 10, 2022MarylandBaltimore13
May 10, 2022TexasBrookshire13
May 9, 2022MichiganDetroit04
May 9, 2022AlabamaTuscaloosa05
May 8, 2022GeorgiaClarkston33
May 7, 2022KentuckyLexington23
May 7, 2022TexasGarland22
May 7, 2022FloridaMiami04
May 6, 2022LouisianaNew Orleans24
May 5, 2022WashingtonSunnyside05
May 3, 2022LouisianaBaton Rouge05
May 3, 2022KansasCowley (county)04
May 3, 2022TexasBeaumont05
May 1, 2022LouisianaLafayette012
May 1, 2022OhioSpringfield14
May 1, 2022FloridaTarpon Springs06
May 1, 2022South CarolinaNorth Charleston13
April 30, 2022GeorgiaAtlanta14
April 30, 2022MississippiJackson15
April 29, 2022TennesseeJackson22
April 29, 2022LouisianaNew Orleans06
April 29, 2022MississippiLaurel04
April 28, 2022AlabamaBessemer13
April 27, 2022IllinoisChicago04
April 27, 2022LouisianaOpelousas23
April 27, 2022MississippiBiloxi40
April 27, 2022TexasSan Antonio05
April 27, 2022ArizonaPhoenix04
April 25, 2022AlabamaBirmingham13
April 24, 2022South CarolinaMyrtle Beach13
April 24, 2022IndianaLafayette24
April 23, 2022IllinoisChicago22
April 23, 2022North CarolinaRocky Mount04
April 23, 2022CaliforniaSan Bernardino14
April 23, 2022GeorgiaAtlanta05
April 22, 2022VirginiaPetersburg15
April 22, 2022OhioCincinnati04
April 22, 2022District of ColumbiaWashington14
April 21, 2022ArkansasMountain View40
April 20, 2022MinnesotaDuluth50
April 17, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia04
April 17, 2022OregonPortland13
April 17, 2022South CarolinaFurman09
April 17, 2022CaliforniaSacramento13
April 17, 2022FloridaMiami13
April 17, 2022PennsylvaniaPittsburgh29
April 17, 2022LouisianaBaldwin05
April 16, 2022South CarolinaColumbia09
April 16, 2022MarylandBaltimore13
April 16, 2022NevadaNorth Las Vegas04
April 16, 2022TexasDaingerfield16
April 16, 2022New YorkSyracuse14
April 15, 2022CaliforniaStockton22
April 12, 2022New YorkBrooklyn010
April 12, 2022New YorkBronx13
April 10, 2022LouisianaBaton Rouge04
April 10, 2022IowaCedar Rapids210
April 10, 2022IllinoisElgin24
April 10, 2022CaliforniaWillowbrook25
April 10, 2022IndianaIndianapolis15
April 9, 2022District of ColumbiaWashington04
April 9, 2022FloridaMiami04
April 6, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia14
April 4, 2022KentuckyCovington04
April 4, 2022ConnecticutHartford13
April 3, 2022New YorkBuffalo04
April 3, 2022CaliforniaSan Francisco22
April 3, 2022TexasDallas116
April 3, 2022CaliforniaSacramento612
April 2, 2022North CarolinaShelby13
April 2, 2022LouisianaMonroe15
April 2, 2022ColoradoColorado Springs04
April 2, 2022LouisianaShreveport13
April 1, 2022South CarolinaWalterboro04
March 26, 2022CaliforniaHollister23
March 26, 2022OhioCleveland04
March 25, 2022ColoradoColorado Springs22
March 22, 2022CaliforniaStockton13
March 21, 2022ConnecticutWaterbury04
March 21, 2022IllinoisChicago22
March 20, 2022WisconsinMilwaukee04
March 20, 2022TexasHouston13
March 20, 2022TexasAustin04

Ask honest questions, listen with open ears, write your lawmakers for change. Call your lawmakers for change. Learn more about guns even if you don’t feel the need to carry, hunt or manage pests with firearms. Understand that all weapons really are semi-automatic.

STAND WITH HUMANITY Memorial Day 2022.

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