Let’s try to pick up and completely change it up in 2017. Balance is the current goal. No 1/2 marathons, no NPC events, limited time for soccer and all types of body changes. 

Current goal is to SWIM. Liking the fact that the Mon Valley YMCA has an awesome indoor pool. As the distance has increased the muscles have had a few challenging aches.   


It’s time to move on to 2017. New-Old location. Flat town to dog walk, limited parks to actually use but some old training buddy’s to do weekly meet up’s with all over again.

Hopefully we didn’t volunteer ourselves for the State Referee Committee but after being in Wisconsin, I think they could use a new perspective.

Oh it’s that time of year again, come join ME! To run with me use the link below.



If you’d like to just support me and see more fun pictures then use this link–  https://my.cupids.org/dpank

Taking it to the next level in 2016. Train for 13.1–> It happened.


cut for my first time on stage,

get to yoga weekly

and keep running up and down soccer fields.


On our April trip to Destin, I completed my first and likely only half marathon. If we didn’t already have the trip planned I never would have signed up for the race. The flat course and nice gulf breeze made it the perfect first long race. There are no aspirations to ever run a full marathon. I was looking at all those poor people heading out for their second out and back and was content to be heading out to breakfast.

Destin was probably he best choice to run the first 13.1 race.

For running purposes: the elevation of Las Vegas is just a little less than under ½ mile high, at 2,030 feet above sea level, or 620 meters.

Destin 26 feet above sea level.

Milwaukee 617 feet above sea level.

Charleroi 1,049 feet above sea level.

These are important things to know when training for your first 1/2 marathon.

From <http://gamboool.com/what-is-the-las-vegas-nevadas-elevation-and-does-the-altitude-affect-visitors>
The next chapter is the muscle mind connection. The Brew City NPC is the current target event. The nutrition plan is a little crazy.

I was really hoping to delay my stage debut into October at the badger but leslie threw out a curve ball. The curve ball was pretty big so it may be time to get some work done in magic town.  Steps.  Dishwasher.  Bath fitters. New ac and heat.  I need to teach my neighbor how trulia works.


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