If you build it they may actually come.

Phoebe spots a rabbit.

East Brady has been put on the rail trail hiking and biking map with the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail and Redbank Valley Trail. New homes are being built right on the riverfront off of Shady Shores Drive for the boating and biking crowd. Just down the road from the field where NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly played for the Bulldogs a new building project continues to take hold.

Signs marking town from the trail.

The hard work of the trail community is focused on opening the old Brady’s Bend tunnel for recreation instead of its previous life in industry. Tunnels have a special place with the biking community. This one has the potential to create a loop from Lock and dam 9 to upriver from just above the bend instead of the current out and back.

I’ve shared the trail town book DECIDING ON TRAILS from Amy Camp @cycleforward around the town.

Come to East Brady for lunch where you can stop at The Old Bank Deli and eat a Bank Robber. Drive up for the day with the bike and kayak attached and try your own multi-sport adventure. By embracing the trail town approach there is something to do in East Brady besides hunt and play in the Allegheny River.

Winter on the bend.
Docks are out and dog is on the beach.
Football night in Karns City
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