On this day 5 years ago we were walking and laughing and dancing and loving on the beach. The song of the day has been the theme for the last 5 years of the rollercoaster of life. We’ve learned to be flexible and focus on progress over perfection. We’ve been faced with a whole lot of important and urgent items over this time, but we’ve also practiced human resilience.

Everyday of this journey, whether peaceful, loving, fun, challenging, exciting, overwhelming, on the water, at the beach, or at work is an adventure with my best friend and partner. Not just a corporate merger. . . The shared love, kisses and belly rubs would not have ever happened if it wasn't for the first Red Head- and it wasn't Reba. . . Eat, Drink and be merry- Celebrate we will- Everyday- even on Grey Street.

Dave Matthews – I’ll Back You Up (Acoustic) [LIVE @ SiriusXM Garage]

Figures the shortest acoustic version of this song was recorded in 2019 after our longest first dance.

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  1. Judy Bellome Avatar
    Judy Bellome

    Thanks for sharing a beautiful wedding. Congratulations.

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