I consider this a carryover from what my grandfather and mother used to do. They would clip articles from Post-Gazette, Valley Independent or whatever magazine and clip, mail, manila folder them for later reference.

I realized when I just about maxed out my Iphone memory it was time for one of these pages to share with everybody. I try to think some of these are truly timeless while others are just fun to know! This should be a combo of NPR, TED, sports and such.

Feel free to comment and share any ones that I may need to take add to this list.

I’ve really caught on to Brene Brown especially with this second leap back to PA. I’m currently listening to a new book.

I guess sometimes it’s good to also see what’s local. From farm to table food to TedxPittsburgh. Listening to these makes me wish there was a happy news program in Pittsburgh just like Milwaukee. I miss the local happy news. So I’m stuck on the It Starts with us, just listen quote from Julius.

Then the next one is so right for our time! Definitely a keeper in this diverse city.k


Since today is Christmas, I figured it was a good day to share one about Faith! This one goes back to when I was just leaving college TED Billy Graham.

Ok so this may not be TED and it is not quite as short but it is a little interesting. meet the Tim Ferris podcast. I started with the 4 Hour Body and then the 4 hour workweek  but then I found the podcast.


New addition for me in April 2018 with this talk from 2010:

Why the obsession with this topic right now? Not really sure other than it’s a food prep day.

And then I found this old one from Malibu in 2013.

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