1. Ray LeBoeuf

    Loralee and I had the privilege of Fran’s friendship for almost 40 years. She welcomed me to PPG when I joined in 1980 and little did we know then that we would spend our last 10 years working closely together before our mutual retirement. Obviously, she was much more than a colleague; she was a friend and confidant. She played an important role in the raising of our two daughters as well. She and Joe will always have a close place in our hearts
    Ray LeBoeuf

  2. Rich Zahren

    I sincerely regret that I will be traveling and unable to attend the celebration of Fran’s life. I had the pleasure of working with Fran throughout my time at PPG, from early years in Glass until my retirement when she was Ray’s Assistant. Invariably, Fran was competent, professional, but more uniquely also warm and caring. Not just to “important” people, but also to a nervous young engineer going to meet his boss’s boss for the first time. In later years, when trips to the 40th Floor were not usually joyous occasions, I could still look forward to a warm interaction with Fran and the smile it would bring.
    Fran is TRULY a person missed by all who knew her.

  3. Eileen Slaven

    My fondest memory of my cousin Franny is watching her twirling her baton in her majorette uniform. She loved marching on the field with the high school band and there was always a smile on her face. Even at such a young age, she was an inspiration to everyone she knew.

  4. Joseph Dudas

    Joe Frye and I were fellow classmates at Monongahela Junior-Senior High School. We were in many activities together. I met Fran after she and Joe married and as we worked on many class reunions together. We became closer as friends when I joined the monthly dinners with fellow classmates for Monongahela High School Class of 1959, and Fran was part of our group. I think she identified herself more with us as fellow classmates and friends. We had many conversations and many laughs over the years. She was a kind person and did a lot for our class in memory of her husband, Joe. We, as a Class of 1959, are forever grateful for her participation and loving nature. I think there is a part of Fran in all of us. One thing I will always remember and that is when we were ready to leave our dinners, there was always a warm hug from Fran.

  5. Melissa

    I had the honor of knowing Fran through Monongahela Valley Hospital over the last 5 years. Her and Joe’s support of our independent, community health system is and will always be greatly appreciated. She was always an advocate for what we do. I always looked forward to seeing Fran. I especially enjoyed lunches with her at the Backporch Restaurant. She was well admired in this community and had many friends who always spoke highly of her. She always made sure everyone had plans for holidays like Thanksgiving and that everyone was included. I love the class and grace that she always had and aspire to display similar traits in her honor.

  6. Ron and Annette Doctorick

    Ron and I knew Fran for many years even before Ron began his career in PPG’S Flight Department..Ron and I met at Monongahela Valley Catholic High School and graduated in the late 70’s. Ron knew Fran from St. Jeromes and Fran was acquaintances with Ron’s mother as well. Fran was always excited when someone from “The Valley” did well, most especially at PPG . She was thrilled when Ron came to PPG as a pilot nearly 33 years ago. She was always excited to see us at the business in Monongahela or even when we stopped by to say hello after her retirement from PPG. Fran shared a lovely story with me , saying that she remembered making pasta in my great grandparents home( Frank and Josephine Riva) in Charleroi. She said with a smile ,that they carried their portion home for the Caruso family as well . Fran was a special friend to Ron and I and she is truly missed.

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