Reba and Crosby were the reason for starting this site. That was a while ago when we were living in Wisconsin, enjoying all of the local fish fry, cheese curls and local beers. Reba left us in March of 2019. I’m sure she’s still keeping guard over the baked goods and bacon in the big doggy kitchen in the sky. Here on planet earth this is still Crosby’s little site to tell you about our lives led by our little lady Elkhound. Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat.Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat. Sometimes Ms. Crosby’s paws type out a good story. Oh yeah, the human also lifts, rides, swims, works, cooks, and sometimes takes over this site with his typing when not jumping to the Elkhounds requests.



David is a lifelong soccer player who now referees to provide interval cardio. He currently lifts 5 days a week at the YMCA, Golds Gym, or Planet Fitness. Due to Covid-19 the lifting and cardio have primarily been move to the home gym, Peloton app, outdoor swimming, SUP workouts, and running. In order to improve balance and flexibility he attempts to fit a weekly Hot yoga class into the scheduled workouts and daily walks with (love you forever Reba) and Crosby. Recently he has taken to the pool for cardio as he embraces getting older. He is counting down until he can start doing hot yoga again with other humans, breathing and sweating in the same studio.

A perfect day starts at the gym and includes at least one good meal (not out of his Isolator fitness cooler bag).

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