Reba and Crosby have renamed this site. It’s our little site to tell you about our lives. Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat.Eat, Sleep, Walk, Bark, Repeat. Sometimes our paws type out a good story.



David is a lifelong soccer player who now referees to provide interval cardio. He currently lifts 5 days a week at the YMCA, Golds Gym, or Planet Fitness. In order to improve balance and flexibility he attempts to fit a weekly Hot yoga class into the scheduled workouts and daily walks with Reba and Crosby. Recently he has taken to the pool for cardio as he embraces getting older. He is counting down til he can start doing hot yoga at Yoga Flow.

A perfect day starts at the gym and includes at least one good meal (not out of his Isolator fitness cooler bag).