Like any good book there are lots of chapters that tell the whole story. The current location is Milwaukee but the time is growing short before we move on to the next chapter. Uncle Dave is getting ready to give up his WIAA soccer and move back to PIAA. Crosby is not happy with the loss of her backyard but can’t wait to keep an eye on her new neighborhood. Reba is not looking forward to doing steps again but is excited to get back to taking walks along one of the three rivers. Uncle Dave is very thankful for the opportunity to experience this new place and all the awesome people that have shared their tribal secrets.

This is the home of the basherboard soccer Milwaukee Wave.

It is also home to Healium Hot Yoga and Yoga Ward.
There are also Milwaukee Roller Girls




Don’t forget the Milwaukee County Parks and their golf courses.

Oh and doing games at Wisconsin State Cup.

This is some of the best infilled artificial turf ever for soccer and it is not FieldTurf. Note the LED lights. Talk about state of the art update! The AD here is a super AD.

Obama had lunch here.
Crosby and Reba have a thing for Grant Park and Lake Michigan.

Now that this chapter is almost over we need to give props to the update in the back yard.

Before photos again



Peace out MKE.

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