Did you get a beach ball for Christmas?

Phoebe and Crawford hope that you have made it through your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with peace, love and lots of puppy kisses. Hopefully you will continue to find ways to get out in nature throughout this winter season just like they do every day. Thanks to their magical fibers of love, we are reminded how lucky we are to live with puppy love everyday. Here are a few tricks that they have taught us:

  • Progress is more important than perfection.
  • Be a warrior, let go of your worrier.
  • It’s OK to just sniff around and get your toes wet.
  • Celebrate we will . . . . for those of you that know, you get it.

In case you wonder why there is something about beach ball on your card, here is a live solo performance by Dave Matthews during the at home phase of Covid-19.

Here’s to a 2023 full of Peloton with Place, waterski on the Allegheny, football with fun and lot’s of loving, living and moving.

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