After being arctic for the Christmas holiday week, the New Year started feeling like fall except in Januaey. Ms. Phoebe and Master Crawford are a little tired after everybody left them. They really miss all of Elle’s fluff and her special woo/woof. They tried to convince their humans that we all should hibernate and watch American football. However all this house really was waiting for Pitt vs UCLA Sun Bowl and the pro PIT vs BAL Sunday night games. The humans made us roadtrip up 28 instead of napping–they embarked on a whirlwind tour of Clarion and Armstrong counties to report on the ice and bark at the eagles and fog from the ice on the river. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year and plenty of dog walks and playtime in the park.

It was finally time to pull the steps up.
Car ride who Phoebe?
Where do the players in the NHL call home?

So do you have any adventures planned for the New Year?

Will you be working on any life goals?

What will you be reading?

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