Happy first weekend of October. We’re just sitting at home watching Pitt vs Georgia Tech. The past week has been a blur. We’ve had a very full schedule and very little time to breathe, so reflection is now an afterthought. Thanks to some people who really don’t get the peril that US Soccer is in right now, the week has been much longer than it should have been. We also had some awesome news.

If you think the world is going to go back to doing things the way they did before Covid-19 at some point, you may need to realize that we will never reset to that point. We eventually will have a new normal, but that will not be the old normal. Free your mind and open it up to a way to approach challenges differently. Evolve don’t devolve. Embrace progress over perfection.

Let’s talk opioids. When Dolores turned 90 we docked in this town and stopped for a pint, some spirits and a lobster roll.

Let’s talk about what immigrants can bring to this country.

Let’s talk about my next dream the other night where I’m convinced half of my family that claims to be Polish Catholics were really Austrian Jews.

Then there is what Ian did to Ft. Myers this week.

Then there is that part of life that we have lived through and reflect on the importance of living each day to it’s fullest.

Back to that part of our life, here’s some awesome news from all of the fundraising that happened.


Then there is the battle that my friend next door is watching closely back in his homeland.


The coach and referee in me is looking at this with disbelief in the system that the NFL uses.


If you struggle with just chilling out here is a longer listen. This one is perfect for the drive from Pittsburgh to Charleroi.

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