It’s 8pm on a Friday night. The evening cruise is complete. Soccer practice is over for the week. There have been several nights where I, Mr. Crawford has awaken his humans somewhere between 1 and 3 am. There was the new street opening after several months of digging, pipe laying, a new sidewalk and paving. We’ve met all of our backyard neighbors and learned that several of them are terrified of my pronounced bark. Even before aunty showed up Dad is ready for bed

The humans are definitely hitting minimum sleep levels. I’ll chalk it up to sleep deprivation. Why do you think they are so tired? Hmm. I need play time. I need love time. I need sissy time. I need love time. I have crazy time. I have zoomy time. I have puppy play time. I have feeding time where my ADHD comes out. I have day camp. I have stubborn time. I have reactive time to the road crew. I have reactive time to Buster. I’m not sure who this Duke dog is yet, but he looks a lot like Buster. I have training time. I have walk time. I have group class time. I have swim class.

Hmm. any idea why the humans are pooped puppies and the puppy is pooping out his humans?

You should ask mom what she thought this boat was named.

Some things my human’s need to know about me– I may take 2-4 times as long to train and mature compared to other breeds. I definitely have a natural roam to me. It goes with my nature to protect livestock.

Why am I writing this? I want to remind you that since I’m part Pyrenees it may take me a little bit longer to mature and I really do appreciate your love, training, support and patience with me!

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