Learning to love and play and not eat Phoebe.

Ok there were some questions after my 15 day post. My stitches are almost dissolved from my departed surgery and I’m scheduled to meet Dr. Lisa next week.

For starters I, Crawford Riley-Pankiewicz am about nine months old and I am a mix between a golden retriever and a Pyrenees. Or at least that’s what the people in Bridgeport told Bridge to Home. Mom and dad are trying to figure out how to put some more meat on my bones so I’ve learned that cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are awesome. Phoebe has taught me that by running, wrestling, tree climbing, squirrel hunting and doing interval training I will become a stronger pup. I do not have run of the house as I’ve prioritized playing with my sister over going out to pee one time too many for the hardwoods. However living in the kitchen and my crate is pretty awesome as I have dog beds, a couch, a chef, lovies, Phoebe’s chair and an office all in the space of a typical one bedroom apartment. I also have full access to the yard, the deck, the top step, barking at birds, neighbors and the garbage truck.

About my name— it really is Crawford and it works. Mom and Dad knew right away that Gunnar was my rescue name and I definitely didn’t answer to it. They must have knew I’d be a lot like puppy Crosby so yelling Crawford NO must remind them of the days when Crosby was known also as no no bad dog. Yes mom and dad I do hear what you are saying about me being a puppy vs Crosby being a puppy. Please do not call me anything else now, I’m getting used to the commands, sit, shake, off, down and leave it right now so I don’t need to be confused with any nicknames yet. I’m just a puppy!

If you are a baseball fan you may have already realized that I was named after one of Pittsburgh’s Baseball teams that preceded the Jackie Robinson era of the MLB. If you didn’t think Pittsburgh had issues back then and we treated everybody equally, let’s remember our history through baseball– the Grays and Crawfords may make you want to ask more. I’m cute so ask away and maybe I’ll even get better at playing catch once I get past getting bull rushed by mama dog Phoebe in the park.

Yes they contained me to the kitchen.
I puppied hard.
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