Hello 2022,

I really did not make a New Year’s resolution to workout more and practice better nutrition. If you know me that’s always been a goal, habit and way of life from me since college. Yes I did have a reframing occur in 2008 when I rehabbed from my second ACL reconstruction, complete with participation in work-place Weight Watchers where I somehow dropped to 195 lbs. Since then my body has preferred a 205-210 with my muscle mass, but covid had me back up over 230. Cognizant eating is back on the mind since the summer of 2021, but the uptick in miles with Phoebe has me back on track to find that 210 number again. (Love you always Crosby! Thanks for being the leader to Ms. Phoebe.)

Ryan and I were talking about people not watching the news after yesterday’s storm front passed from I-65 east up to Pennsylvania. I’ve never been a fan of watching news because I’d rather be out enjoying life and sharing in the adventure with others. Thank you Reba and Crosby for showing me how important it is to have your nose to the ground or to greet new friends by sniffing their… The things my dogs have taught me about interaction may not be acceptable to most humans, but their innate ability to sniff out new friends was amazing. Instead of writing about Covid-19 data or the Supreme Court shutting down the vaccine mandate, I wanted to focus on things I can control.

  • I can control my mindset.
  • I can control my story.
  • I can control my connections.
  • I can reset with each sunrise.
  • I can control my body,
    • first by controlling my self talk.
    • second by building my strength.
    • third by flowing into my flexibility.
    • fourth by refueling with real food.
    • fifth by meditating daily.
    • sixth by vibing so high.
    • seventh by harmonizing my movement.
  • These body control points also become tools for daily life, work life and sharing life with others.
  • I can choose to focus on my purpose and not somebody else’s idea of perfection.

Let me share my story at the start of 2022. It has everything to with my mindset so that no matter what the weather, equipment or time allows, I have been able to harmonize my movement and connection with nature. Phoebe and I love doing Peloton walks on the days we get our 2-4 miles on the pavement or trail. My body needs to start the day with movement and those 20 minute rides or 10 minute strength classes have been the jumpstart to my day especially before going outside with Phoebe. No matter what the weather–rain, snow, sleet, sun, wind, or clouds–Phoebe the Kissie-Monster is ready for a 2-miler immediately after kissing her humans repeatedly. Through the first part of January- I’ve been crushing it and watching the nutrition a little closer.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for using the @onepeloton app on my phone. It goes to the gym and is instrumental in my walks with Ms. Phoebe. I’ve had people at the gym ask me why I’m using the app on the elliptical, treadmill or around the free weights and I keep telling them it helps me program myself. It also provides the right motivation between the different instructors and my friends placing a hand on my back throughout my workout. Working out with a trainer has always been a goodway to up my game, but having that trainer on-demand in my pocket really makes autopilot training effective anywhere.

Covid has made me appreciate those days when I could go to the gym and workout with friends. I remember March through July of 2020. There was no gym and all workouts were modified to do at home sweat sessions with my bosu ball, kettlebells, dumbbells and straps. That was the first time I embraced @onepeloton strength and it broadened my workout options. Thanks to the programming I was ready to step onto the pitch in the Fall of 2020 to officiate soccer under the crazy pandemic guidelines. The app and bike made pre-season a breeze that then allowed me to handle my games effectively that season. Mediation, yoga and foam rolling became my go-to classes on the days I needed a little extra to recover from the previous work.

Teaching and training the game I love has become an amazing way to give back and reconnect to the local community. Last season with the middle school team, I realized that deconstructing the coaching was really a great way to encourage further self discovery with my players. I’ve decided to continue on with the US Soccer Coaching Education program and have found a team to work with this spring. Thanks to Aiden, Sarah and Freddy.

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