I am not sure if a line from Patsy Caruso is appropriate here but the aluminum awnings are gone and the original wood siding is finally being covered over—almost 100 years after the original construction date of this wood frame house. Back in the day the wood was killed in Charleroi, the homes are being built at a break neck pace and PPG had just closed their works in Charleroi and moved operations to their Ford City plant to better align operations up the Allegheny River. Here in 2020 the current ownership group realized our commitment to the original building materials didn’t make much sense. I know most of you think putting any money into a small town doesn’t make any sense but we’d like to believe if it was good enough for Patsy, Louise, Margie, Fran and Reba it’s going to be good enough for the future.

The labor costs of painting every 7-10 vs JH and vinyl every 27-34 made more sense.

Can the magic city have a rebirth?

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