fireworks display

Crosby, Phoebe and Elle’s PSA for the 4th.

These are the only approved fireworks by Crosby, Phoebe and Elle.

The dogs of this blog really like holidays, but they are terrified of fireworks. . .

The humans in this house are aware of this issue and will be staying home with our four-legged friends. We have been trained to properly medicate, Thunder-shirt, white-noise, pre-cookie, a traditional PBS Fourth Music from the Mall, and air circulation before the un-official fireworks start in our neighborhood. Since noise travels up the Allegheny River valley we can hear the city of Pittsburgh’s official display also, making for a long evening.

Please be aware of your pet friend’s if you plan to launch you own display.

Please don’t go to a display and leave the puppies behind. This is a very anxious day for them and any normalcy we can provide them will go a long way.

One report that was forwarded to our human noted that more dogs go missing on the 4th than any other day en los Estados Unidos.

Keep dropping hot dogs and hamburger pieces under the table but hold the onions.

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