Phoebe and Crosby wanted to practice gratitude for Mother Earth with a mindful walk through their favorite bark.

Despite all the best efforts of the neighborhood dogs to kill the grass and everything else that blooms with excess nitrogen in our front lawn we are blooming. The rain of this week has only helped bring out the May blooms. Why does this really matter? It puts into perspective our human existence on this amazing planet. When we compare our time to walk in the grass and swim in the oceans against the existence of this humanity on Earth, it truly is just a grain of sand in a very large hourglass. We need to celebrate each day with gratitude and humility as we spread kindness to our fellow humans. Live kindly. Bark loudly. Dance naked. Or in the group text message from this weekend walk on the beach in your thong. . .Thank you Mr. Karter for the beach update. It sure beats seeing the double red-flag messages from the beach patrol.

Take in the birds and blooms.

This is always a bittersweet holiday for me. Today we hosted and busted out Marguerite’s Zucchini Casserole , while it may not have been one of my favorite’s when I was younger, I’ve gained a better appreciation for it when hosting. Yes, Leslie also has mastered baking it with her slices and dices, so that is one dish I can hand off to my number one dog mom, teammate. This really is a good time to look back on all the special mothering figures that have made our development so special. Between playing soccer, officiating soccer, cooking scallops, Country Club buffet and going to Pirate games, there have been many different ways to celebrate this holiday. We are shaped and formed by those early and ongoing connections.

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