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Las camisetas the T-shirts

Estas las camisetas necesita nueva casas.

The frigid temperatures in Pittsburgh were the perfect excuse to go through the drawers. The donate pile was formed pretty easily. Then there were a few items that don’t fit me anymore but may be a conversation starters for others (Budding Boy Scouts, Footballers, or Howard Stern Fan.) These T-shirts are looking for new homes. If they peak the interest of any followers here please contact me.

There is an unnamed sponsor that someone worked for on the front from the 1994 World Cup. Adult M.
Yes this was the camp counselor T-shirt. Adult S.
To think that spacex is flying us into space. Adult M.
Yes I did survive this event and all the fireworks. However I did get sick on the way home. Adult S.
Attn all Stern fans this is the Chuck Zito edition. Adult L.

This is the last step before any of these are sent to city mission. The DMB t-shirts have all been sequestered and put into a monthly Covid-19 rotation.

What makes these t-shirts special is the memory of the event and the stories I have from each of them. The irony of three S’s: soccer, scouting and Stern.

Peace and Love!

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