As a lifelong Pittsburgh Steeler fan there is nothing like the day of large holes in the defense created by the line, followed by Tim Lester picking off linebackers for Jerome Bettis. Those were the year’s where time of possession, run down defenses’ in the 4th quarter, and AFC Championship games in Three River’s Stadium. During those years where The Bus ran over the opposition, Tim was the key to all those yards. Seeing the two of them work together to push the ball up the field was a different era than that of short passes.

I recall that one time in Latrobe during camp where Jerome and Tim asked to team up on a game of pool with two water researchers after their evening snack. That one night was a great chance to realize that these Pittsburgh God’s were people too. Thank you Mr. Lester for being a great leader on the field and off. Thank you for your commitment to shaping America’s youth. Thank you for bringing joy to the City of Pittsburgh and continuing with your ways in Milton.

If you are in Steeler Nation and think back on those days, please remember the Bus Driver and be safe.

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