The first Saturday of 2021 started like a lot of Saturday’s during 2020 lockdown. We had a little zoom call with the Arrigo cousins. This time around we only had representation from Charleroi, Virginia, West Virginia and my office. Ryan was out working on his swing as he’s realized he’s only a few lessons away from getting under 80 consistently.

New toy to try full body workouts with– BodyBlade.

We’ve made it to 2021 and some of us have a plan to get our covid-19 vaccines, others have no clue since operation Warp Speed appears to be all hype and no performance. I’m guessing that’s what Stormy Daniels would say! Outside of hospital workers and nursing homes, Dr. Levine and Gov. Wolf have really not laid out a plan. If only we had a strong national public health department to lead the charge we likely would not be in this period of cluelessness. While the world continues to hope, I continue to realize this vaccine process is moving really slowly and we may only be approaching the 10-mile mark of this Covid-19 marathon.

In summarizing what’s going on in the world it sounds like South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Indiana are completely open for business. Yes all Gyms are OPEN! All restaurants are OPEN for inside dining! All houses of worship can worship in PERSON without masks or crowd limits! If you wear a mask people look at you like you are crazy instead of trying to help slow the spread and keep everybody safe.

Back in PA the gyms will begin to reopen tomorrow. Outdoor dining is the norm at restaurants. High school sports will be allowed to start up tomorrow. Masks are still required when around other people or inside any facility. Peloton is still my choice for working out as I really am lucky enough that I can do my work without leaving the house. Grocery pick up is still on! The Steelers and Browns are continuing to run through Covid-19 players being dropped from today’s game.

What can we do?

  • Zoom with friends and family. Remind them it’s OK to not be OK!
  • Phone or write your low-tech friends and family.
  • Journal- what can we be grateful for despite this global pandemic. What is really messing with us? Sometimes just writing it down helps get it out of our minds. By sharing these thoughts we can also connect with friends and family.
  • Breathe- controlling our breath and using belly breathing can help reduce cortisol levels.
  • Get out in nature and get physical.
  • Pray- even though I’m not sure everybody praying realizes you also need to appreciate what science and medicine can do to help get us through these trying times.
  • Talk to your doctor to help manage stress, physical issues or just how to get moving a little more.
Frost Delays before Fore.

I’ve been on a little double workout kick since before Christmas. Thanks to friends and family I’ve been able to get my movement goals mixed up a little bit recently. There is something about fluid movement that makes my body very happy after a high intensity compressed soccer season. The BodyBlade has helped with the full body tune up. The yoga has helped keep the booty, boulders and hammies happy. Swinging the pitching wedge with foam balls has forced me to work on my toe point. Let’s just say variety is key to working out for life.

Row, row, row your boat.

Be smart, Mask up, Stay apart but connected. We are human and we need community.

Mask up and find a boutique place.
Snow in the park? or in the bark.
Time to gobble up the NFL.

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