Ok, I know this year is 2020 and nothing is normal. The irony is my 2020 high school soccer season may possibly end at the same location as my 1992 season. In 1992 I was in goal against the higher seeded Hampton Talbots and conceded two goals on PK’s to lose 2-0. I’m scheduled to be one of the three game officials on tonights game between Hampton and Penn Hills Girls teams. The irony is I’ve gone from guardian of the goal to guardian of the game.

Yes 28 years later I’m still in the game.

4 responses to “The year was 1992. . .”

  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    Rooting for Jim’s and my Alma Mater, Hampton.

  2. Stan Avatar

    Best one yet, couldn’t lose to a better team way back!

    1. dpankiewicz Avatar

      Funny thing is we had to talk about Blair last night as his girls team is still in the championship hunt.

  3. dpankiewicz Avatar


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