OK so the question is how do we celebrate the holidays safely?

I’m currently thinking the 2020 path forward is prepping Thanksgiving dinners with David Jone’s Farm Turkey, Arrigo Dressing/Stuffing, Leslie’s bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn bread, delivering them on Wednesday and having a Zoom Thanksgiving on Thursday in the safety of our own homes.

I know that doesn’t sound like Turkey Day, but in 2020, that’s a reality we all face. When I need to talk to a player on the soccer field, I first put on my mask, then ask the player to stand 5 yards away and we talk with our hands at a gentle yell to have what would normally be a close quiet conversation 😷.

Remember back at Independence and Canada Day? At least we could all go outside then. . .

Or maybe after Labor Day when everybody would go back to work in the city when the kid’s went to in person school?

Ultimately, now is a time to reframe, adapt and look at the bigger reason behind the holiday seasons and not host or attend a super-spreader event.

In case you still trust the CDC of the United States after the director and White House Chief of Staff can’t work together, here’s the CDC’s guidance.

I prefer to watch how the Canadian’s do it and they are really the reason for the to-go Turkey and Zoom idea. I mean it’s not like the NHL can open up as normal with the Covid-19 data in the United States. No Hockey, no holiday it’s OK we’re all in this together and doing our part. Spread the Love even if we can’t do it in the same room. I really liked the order of these two videos for illustration purposes.

Meanwhile, I think this is really a good guide. It has even given me ideas for an outdoor Christmas dinner, especially if an isolated car ride is the transport.

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