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The importance of stillness / La importancia de tener la mente clara

After a day of futbol, this note on stillness seems fitting.

Helena Altet

The importance of stillness

Have you ever realized that you are used to think that the more we worry the more we will fix a problem? But the truth is that it’s not true and it’s absolutely the opposite way. When we are relaxed we think clearer so we take better decisions.

But how difficult it’s sometimes to remember that when you are in the middle of a problem? So the thing is, how do we remember that the solution will come when we stop worrying? And how to fight the ego voice that wants to worry?

For my experience, to remember that is having a lot of tools to practice everyday, have some mantras, meditations, practice yoga, read spiritual books… The key is to have a strong spiritual practice.

And to fight the ego voice? Continue to repeating a mantra even when you hear that voice, continue to repeat…

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