Crosby & Phoebe

Rehab time in the middle of soccer season.

The initial plan was to cut back on gym time when I decided to do soccer 3-5 days per week for this condensed Covid-19 high school season. I’ve been avoiding the USSF and adult games until there was some type of protocol released. However after basically not doing any outdoor games since last fall, the sprint fitness is not what it used to be. Yes Jess King, Emma Lovewell and Christine D’ercole have been doing their part to keep my cardio level up, but the bike is not the same as actual soccer.

Then we took on the attic and an old horsehair box spring did me in. For the past 8 days it’s been a party of ice, stim, theragun, heat, cupping, massage and chiropractic to work on my muscle strain. Today we were up under the armpit to work on the strain between the supraspinatus and levator scapulae. In doing some ROM work and foam rolling I noticed the manifestation in the rotator cuff and bicep, so more ice and massage.

The good news is it seems to be helping, the bad news is the workouts all go back to ROM and making sure it was just a muscle strain.

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The other good news is after two weekends of fun the dumpster was loaded, electronics were e-cycled and various stuffed animals are ready for donation. The discussion was had to start a few Little Free Libraries in several locations.

This will be a full week of soccer with six games on the schedule in the stripes.

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