Note this post is from September 21. I waited to post it until I was able to nail down what is going on with me. Last Sunday in the process of emptying the attic, there were several box springs. Not all of the box springs were manufactured to be equal. Apparently one was around since the 1950’s as it had metal springs with horsehair backing. Between the small crawlspace of the attic and surprise weight of this one boxspring, a little acute ouch happened. After three days of previous attic lifting the rhomboids and traps were already a little fatigued, so one surprise did it. Let’s just say I’ve got an excellent team between Active Chiropractic, Relief Massage and Primecare Medical Associates Aspinwall. Oh yes the rest of the family who stepped up to do the loading of the dumpster and emptying of the basement were also excellent team members too.

This has been a very frustrating week. In the middle of soccer season, I’ve suffered an upper body injury due to an attic project. Let’s just say small spaces and unexpected awkward box spring weight has led to a full week of chiropractic, massage, cupping and even some muscle relaxers to try and get me back to functional. The pain tolerance from previous post-op and PT experiences on my distal bicep tendon repairs have given me a pretty good guide as to what my body can handle. The biggest issue is trying to officiate soccer. Being in pandemic mode has not allowed me to just shut everything down for the entire week. I have taken on a number of games since some of the older officials have skipped the season.

This morning I did a little rotator cuff, delt raise, light row, chest fly workout to try and help get some fluid out of spaces. There is one good thing about having done previous rehabs. You know what to do and what not to do.

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  1. Smarter older guy! Avatar
    Smarter older guy!

    It would’ve been smart to contact a professional consultation on how to remove that vintage box frame through a cubbyhole! My voice would have been to use a Milwaukee battery powered hacksaw and take it down and maybe three pieces? I have to think once in a while but it’s gonna do to me.

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