After ABC’s town hall with el presidente Trump–we need checks and balances.

For all of you WWE, boxing or MMA fans out there, you hopefully will get the reference. For those of you asking–what is the undercard? In those sports it’s all of the bouts before the evenings main event. This November 3, the local undercards may matter more than the Presidential election. Instead of focusing on the sociopath in Chief v Biden matchup, we need to make sure our friends in neighboring states are getting out for the undercard matches to make sure our system of legislative and judicial branches provide the checks needed in case the main battle doesn’t go the way you want.

Races for the senate in Kentucky, Maine, Georgia, Arizona, Alaska and Alabama are potentially in play. If voter suppression and relocation of polls in Kentucky manages to keep the incumbent in power there is still potential for the Senate to be flipped. Remember the acquittal before the pandemic, this could matter.

While the senate is in play note that the national GOP is putting a lot of money in local races they feel they can win to turn the House. I live in one of those districts. The incumbent is doing lots of grass roots fundraising as he hasn’t been completely embraced by the democrips.

Get out or request your mail in ballot. The entire card matters. If you don’t understand the checks and balances there are plenty of great lessons out there to learn at home.

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I miss the opportunity for a Madonna election party concert. . Something about that night was a lot of fun, maybe it was the promise of a 50 something dropping her pants on stage? If you’ve never heard that story remind me to send you to Lou.

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