Attention all of you boaters, that think flying a Trump flag allows you to not obey any USCG regulations. It’s really important to observe the rules of the water. In Minnesota and Texas this past weekend, boats were sunk and docks were flipped due to the crowds and the wakes created by some of those boaters. I get that these new river/lake surf boats are fun, but the displacement of water by the engine placement and fins is extreme.

Wake boats are to be run at least 200 ft from any residential shoreline. That means if we are sitting on our dock you basically need to be on the other side of the river. I understand how when more than one Trump boater surrounds others they have issues.

In regards to Astroturf, the meme’s and images being put into the social media-sphere is pretty extreme. You can buy an add without saying who is paying for it. PAC’s can basically buy adds without disclosing who’s giving them money in some situations. We are constantly blitzed by incorrect information by both gangs. We the people need to stop looking at the world as blue or red, but instead a whole lot of grey.

Who is Turning Point USA?

Who is Activist Mommy?

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Keep you eyes open and check who’s providing the information.

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