OK so is Covid-19 as deadly as the annual flu? Is it hitting a certain demographic a little more sharply? Maybe it’s hitting the same demographic that social cuts are always targeting against. . . .

I guess if you have at least an hour of free time you can draw your own conclusions using data that is varied since the best place to find it is state by state. Oh and Florida doesn’t give the age breakdown. Selective data to share with the masses at best.

Let’s investigate the relationship between age and deaths from Massachusetts.

So why does Mass. have more reported Covid-19 deaths than North Carolina?

Hello Indiana it appears you have a similar report.

And North Carolina, it looks like your demographics are on the UP and UP.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may take the cake.

Not only the demographic breakdown, but what may be underreporting of the minority cases. However the best part is the county by county breakdown of hospital beds, ventilators and Covid-19 patients. I’m not sure if the folks in #Rural PA realize how fragile their local health care systems are in relation to their reliance on Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Morgantown, and Philadelphia hospitals.

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