Yes, that’s my statement. At age 44, I still consider myself an athlete. I eat, train and sleep the same way I did when I was in college. Normally this time of year, I’d be on the field for 3-5 games a week. One of my assigner friends mentioned that I should have filed for unemployment since the Cares Act made it possible for referee’s who are always independent contractors would pay me for the 50 some games I’ve likely missed doing since March. If you follow my Instagram you already know I’m overly focused on the daily US Covid-19 updates. I’d prefer to keep wearing my mask, continue my training at home, on the trails and @onepeloton instead of risking any possible contact.

For those asking, I’m not ready to be assigned to any games at this time. I don’t need to bump up against even casual player contact.

Here’s what the CDC is saying, so I’m not quite sure why people are even thinking about doing tournaments.

Coaches use the checklist.

I’m not sure it’s time for tournament’s yet and since US Soccer hasn’t advanced that far with guidance, here’s USSSA’s:

POST COVID-19 201.3: USSSA Soccer Return to Play Recommended Best Practices for the Field-of-Play:
  1. Follow all local and state guidelines for facilities and events.
  2. Opposing team benches should be on opposite sides of the field.
  3. Rosters sizes and playing formats should be reviewed both to maintain a competitive structure and to allow for flexibility under the crowd restriction circumstances.
  4. A spectator/parent-to-player ratio of 1:1 is to be followed during times of restricted gatherings.
  5. No handshakes. No walk outs. No team huddles. A separate form of goal celebration and team sportsmanship with no contact should be created.
  6. One player per team shall be allowed at the coin toss with the referee to begin a game. The referee shall always be in possession of the coin.
  7. Play can be restarted with a kick-in after a sideline out of bounds. The ball may not be played over 10 yards on a kick-in.
  8. No spitting. Spitting will result in automatic removal from the field.
  9. Players must always keep proper social distance from referees. Only a team captain can approach the referee to ask questions and gain clarification.
  10. Teams must leave the field immediately after their game concludes. Teams will have 10 minutes to vacate the bench area.
  11. Game time slots should be lengthened so that an incoming team has no chance of personal contact with a team that has just played. Sample game-day schedule: 9 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m.

Eastern PA Soccer Guidelines

A game is a game, Covid-19 is a game changer, instead of forcing life to return to the old normal, embrace this time as a chance to create a new normal.

If your non-profit is impacted financially check this out:

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    I’m with you, Dave.

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