These are vulnerable times.

Stop now what’s that sound? Do you hear what’s going on? Our politicians are talking about to get things going again, while all of humanity is stuck in one crazy fire fighting battle against Covid-19. It is good to look at where we need to go, but being present and taking this battle one day at a time with no expectations of the old normal is key. We need to embrace our physical vulnerability. We need to understand that all this uncertainty will also provoke some unpredictable emotions because we will realize that we are just as vulnerable mentally. Some of us may not have our normal vices, escapes and physical places to hang out and blow off the steam that would normally allow us to forget about the dark clouds that are hanging over us. Especially now in this time of global humanity being stuck in one giant pandemic challenge.

I started following a few guidelines to stick to daily during Christmas when this virus was changing the lives of the people of Wuhan and nobody in the United States even thought we’d need a field hospital in Central Park or a Century Link Field. I’m going to share these items and acknowledge with gratitude the part where Crosby helps me with all of them:

  • Handle my needs first (not wants). (Feed me human.)
  • Think big, not small, share my story with anyone who will listen. Have you heard me whine, bark, whimper?
  • Vibe large, strong and high, be the light that others need to see the change. (You can’t go wrong with puppy play.)
  • Meditate, (walking, sitting, lying, in bed, during full dog body scans) just meditate.
  • Get out in nature, hello dog walks.
  • Make a plan and take it one day at a time. (Always start with a dog walk.)

I started the week with a giant message of gratitude. In this time where corporations are figuring out if they should cut costs to reflect the uncertainty of the times, I walked into a message of gratitude.

I go through the gratitude checklist each morning now as I start the coffee, feed Crosby and clip into my pedals, instead of getting sucked into the news cycle. When we find time for virtual happy hour I then realize things could be a lot worse, we could not have the technology that allows us to be present with the people in our lives even when we need to be physically distant.


Whatever holds us down?

Humans can do anything for a short time! It really helps if we understand the story behind what we are doing and we approach our challenge with a mindset that embraces change! Cue Steve Gleason.

Week number? 3? 2? 1?

Day number? 25? 21? 14? 3?

When did this whole thing start? I guess depending on your state we may be officially at weekend number 3 or only weekend 1. Some of you may still be running out to Rural King like nothing is wrong, while others may have started doing online deliveries only to avoid too many humans in the grocery. Apparently some people didn’t realize the schools and stay at home orders would continue into April, but knowing the science behind herd immunity and the need to protect our scarce healthcare resources this is starting to make a lot of sense. The Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania allowed the state run wine and spirits stores to take online orders and their site crashed. Instacart is almost impossible to book for Aldi and Giant Eagle curbside orders need to be placed 5 days out because the slots fill up quickly. Thank you Freshly.

The confirmed cases of Covid-19 keep growing across the entire Commonwealth, but considering the pace of the growth, maybe this flattening the curve thing is really working. I like my quarantine family and we are finding ways to make Easter dinner virtual this year. That is after your morning church service.

Several research universities are ready to run trials of a Covid-19 vaccine on humans. The news keeps painting the immediate bleak picture of what’s going on in some of our major cities, but there is still HOPE. There are humans willing to be the subjects in the vaccine trials. There is hope in humans making themselves vulnerable to hopefully provide a solution to this ongoing health crisis.


Rev. John Keeny
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