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Looking for a new story . . .

Once upon a time there was a little lad who liked to tell stories. Right now we are in a world where going out, hanging with friends, playing sports and viewing the arts in theaters is not allowed by the governing bodies that are trying to keep the greater part of our society alive. Instead of being bummed about not going to the beaches or slamming a basketball through a hoop that is no longer mounted to the backboard, we need to take a note from our inner child. Our imagination can take us anywhere.

We have zoom and we are looking for story tellers.

The challenge is to write something that will take about 5-9 minutes to tell. Since we are doing this with zoom, visual items are allowed to be part of your story.

Your story is your story. You can make it:

  • a real story
  • an imagined story
  • a historical exaggeration
  • a blatant lie
  • about nature
  • familial
  • hope
  • a song
  • a poem
  • a dream
  • a nightmare
  • a short film

This challenge is open to all kids from 1-93.

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