Commissioning some art. . .

What does one do when the world goes into lockdown? What can you do for somebody else that is locked down and doesn’t have technology to communicate? We’ve asked Aiden to produce limited edition art for the Residence at Hilltop. He was supervised by Katie on a recent sunny day in western Pennsylvania.

Why is art important in this time of chaos? It can be an escape. It is a place where you can put whatever energy you cannot get out due to stay at home orders. It can give hope in a time of grey skies. It allows us to share our light with others who we cannot physically interact with due to the need to stay separated to stop Covid-19 from spreading to new hosts. Because we need to know that bright skies and good times will be on the other side of this human challenge. It is amazing to see all these states work with the resources they have, have been given my our military and have found additional volunteers to come forward in this great time of need.

Crosby is constantly in search for these warm fuzzy signs. This morning on her walk she stopped to sniff, squat and take in all the smells of spring. She is also slowing down whenever there is chalk-walk art. Today we had a Pooh with statement along the Rt. 28 wall.

For those of us with technology we had our first virtual happy hour last night. This one was a little smaller so we didn’t feel like the Brady Bunch this time. We learned that Linds has watched all three seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We have confirmed our thing for bad 80’s and 90’s movies with Clue and Soapdish. We’ve also started watching Jack Ryan. Today’s an easy workout day, short low impact ride with 20 minutes of yoga. The weather will likely only allow us to do one walk along with some attic organization. Yesterday was back and chest in the third floor gym with a Jess King ride. Keeping fit while being sheltered in place for whatever soccer may happen this year is definitely a challenge.

Pooh chalked on the wall.
  • Write a letter.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Share a story.
  • Play a board game.
  • Puzzle. Yes that’s a verb and a noun.
  • Breathe.

4 responses to “Commissioning some art. . .”

  1. David, reading old posts looking for DeDe’s address, please just send as a response to this. Thanks.

    1. Anna Mary Frye
      Residence at hilltop
      210 PA 837
      Monongahela pa 15063

  2. The kids put a collection of pictures in the mail. Some were specially addressed to Dee Dee, and the kids were excited to put some classy stamps on an envelope and put it in the mailbox.

    1. Nothing like a little snail mail to promote social connectivity during the physical distancing during a virus pandemic.

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