How many of you out there have been reviewing the points of Stephen R. Covey? If you don’t know who he is- look up his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” After years of working in a customer service role in corporate America, every job task was always urgent. Learning to figure out if any of those tasks were truly important and urgent was one that became the biggest challenge. I learned that the most important way to reduce the urgent part of my job was to by creating partnerships with customers that allowed both of our companies to mutually succeed instead of just being an urgent task rabbit. It is not in the customer service 101 handbook, it really goes against what everybody thinks customer service should be, however once your customer’s understood why this approach was being used, they realized how important they were as a customer.

Why am I going over this right now?

Let’s just say a lot of people have their little worlds turned upside down. Those of us that understand the part of putting important over urgent really can be the calm in this storm. I made some ice cream time with Leslie between calls the other day. It’s been ages since the two of us have had Dave & Andy’s Ice Cream together. In fact I remember taking both Reba and Crosby on an adventure to get ice cream a long time ago, nothing like two dog’s working the mean streets of Oakland. The eyes you get when working on your fresh pressed waffle cone really led to that whole lick your nose phenomena that Reba was so good at whenever she wanted to help you with food. Let’s just say I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up any ice cream on my hand from the cracking waffle cone, thanks to Reba. Yes, ice cream is important especially when you have the right people in your life to share it.

I was taking a few moments to organize the office and was listening to the Good News sermon from last Sunday and realized that having everybody quarantined really should give us all a chance to reflect upon what’s important in life and not get caught up in all the urgent that keeps popping up.

Mark 4:20

Today should be a sunny Pittsburgh day, so Crosby took the training program to the park early to ensure that social distancing was followed.

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