Reba & Crosby

Lean, snoring machine.


The training program for Crosby is going well. We had her up and out early on Saturday morning for the neighborhood stroll. Then before dinner it was the park hill climb. Between the new food plan and the two walks a day, she’s hoping to be ready for swimsuit season as soon as the beaches are able to open up again. She even played her game as part of our friendly game night. She also cut in a few times with the snoring puppy sound.

VIRTUAL GAME NIGHT was a lot of fun, with some laughter, gratuitous views of puppies, pizza, veggies and some adult beverages. We learned Grace has a diet that allows her to toot like a champ. In order to prevent device feed back further sequestration was needed so despite all his rage, pastor Bob was just a rat in his cage with various light changes through out the night. Scattegories became the game of the night and apparently French Fries are not a vegetable. Overall it was nice to get everybody together. #flattenthecurve

It is spaghetti squash Sunday in our house. CBS Sunday Morning was a new show today and it was all about the reality that we are still in right now. Looking forward to that time when we can get back to connecting IRL with all those people that our now doing the self isolation thing to help minimize this impact.

We did get a note from Dee Dee advising that the mailman still makes it to the Residence at Hilltop, he just isn’t allowed in the building anymore. The staff has been using an outside mail drop program to keep everybody safe.

As previously noted if you need anything, let Crosby know. . .


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