The Clemson Spring-breakers. . .

I’ve been looking for research to confirm where the rumor started that heat and humidity will kill Covid-19. I believe the Destin Log may have started it with interviewing Clemson students. Seriously in reviewing where Florida is compared to Ohio in forcing everybody to self-quarantine, I’m beginning to understand that the United States are sometimes not operating with the same set of rules based on the state government decisions. Up here in Pennsylvania we are home-bound and getting used to the idea that every day will be anything but normal for the near future. Note, Florida’s Governor issued an update finally restricting business and non-essential gatherings as of 3 a.m. Thursday March, 19. Beaches are still not closed by the state and are still up to local officials.

Great reporting from the Destin Log, it sounds like the county commissioners in Walton County may be voting today to close the beaches.

Okaloosa County you are up to 4 confirmed cases of covid-19 as of 3/18/2020, take note. Here is the latest for Florida.

Our local paper tried to do a survey of local hospital bed capacity levels and intensive care availability, but definitely only a cursory survey. Here in PA the testing is rolling out around the Pittsburgh region with a prescription from doctors.

In this creating a new normal for life as we realize that a pandemic is nothing to laugh at, but instead something we as humans need to push on and continue living through, we’d like to encourage stories of those little moments where we realize what’s important.

We are hoping to get updates on the puzzles that Chris and Linds are doing to pass the time.

We’d like to know if you have any special learning, quilting, baking, volunteer . . . Type projects. This morning on our walk Ms. Crosby met Ms. Emme again and knew to beg her mom and her young human for cookies. Normally Emme a pit-rescue is off leash when we see her so the sniffing and hello are always tail-wag friendly. Today with the little human, mud pies were involved since our trail was a little muddy.

We need to create a support team for Angelo since working from home is a new experience for him and something that will take a little time to get used to . . .If you’d like to be part of that social group please let me know and I’ll get you his contact information.

In case you asked about what I’m doing with the gym closed:

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  1. Walton County closed all beaches today unless you own the property on the water, and then you only can be on your property. Means no public beach use, (unless you are renting on of those houses). Okaloosa county may do the same today. So, Dave, it isn’t just state by state differences, in some it is county by county or city by city. Everyone stay safe and stay well.

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