Digamos que después de pasar las vacaciones de San Valentín y del Día de los Presidentes con Dave y Tim en la playa, fue realmente una celebración de lo mejor de lo que hay alrededor.

Dave y Trey

I really need to work on my concert count or maybe my concert map. We met Malaina and Ryan from FLL, who were at the Greek before life went a little out of control. I realized when some people can tell you the exact show it’s going to be that somewhere after 100, I really stopped counting. It’s similar to my poster challenge protest. After framing over 15 posters I’m really OK with not adding any more to my collection. This was truly an international experience as fans from all over this One Sweet World came to Moon Palace Cancun. It was really nice to not think about anything for a few days besides song lyrics and emotions that have been lived before and could be shared by a few thousand of my newest friends. The whole event was like a spring break for old people. The music from our youth along with the sand, salt, and warmth of 80 degree days.

Watching from the water, splish, splash . . .

After getting back and using the weekend as a reset button, I’m really glad we had a normal party. In looking at the schedule for the event that will be going on around spring break it’s crazier than the warped tour. The Dead and Co. event looked much slower to the point where John Mayer’s voice had a night off.

The set list for the three night covered a very large spectrum and if you read carefully there were NO repeats. The third night was fun as you could tell Dave and Tim were pulling from their years of playing songs together.

It was nice to have I’M WITH HER accompany The Maker and provide the fiddle intro for Ants.

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