• What does one hope for the day before Pittsburgh’s 2020 Cupids Undie Run?
    • A morning full of Snow?
    • A last training run to make sure everything moves with grace on run day?
    • An easy packet pick-up experience for the team on the North Side?
    • A snowy, smelly dog walk for Crosby?
    • Last second push for a few donations.

Last chance for anybody to join us tomorrow.

I’m looking for a little help in picking out this years undies from the meundies in the drawer.
Heartstellations, spiderwebs, unicorns, day of the dead, pool floats, stripes.

Vote Status:

  1. Heartstellations 4
  2. Pool Floats 4
  3. Unicorns 1
  4. Stripes 2

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