OK the project list keeps growing and it appears I’m either feeling my age, Pittsburgh winter, or just a little run down. . . .Well I guess an ALL of the ABOVE option is possible.

What do you do? Here’s my current approach, thanks to that discussion about that Covey approach to the 7 Habits. Regroup, recover and let the mind and body rest, instead of diving into the next project.

Regarding projects, property, and finding a good time to tackle everything in that world, I truly love all my realtor’s. . . especially the one that used to entertain me many years ago. I was cleaning out the old CD jackets and I found a ticket from when I ran into Mario Sciacca upstairs at Metropol to overlook the stage.

This was before I met my concert wife.

OK so December was good for the training with morning gym sessions at Golds followed by a nice little lap swim or on really nice days 18 holes of golf. Between all that training and the long drive home, let’s just say there are lots of tight spots. . . which has led to Ta bit of body work to get the shoulders, neck and back somewhere in a functional range. . . .Many thanks to the octopus @relief_massage who finds all the good spots to make it easier for Dr. Tom.

Ok, this site will be doing it’s own little SWAP SHOP n’AT page shortly. Our little house is going to begin its mission to simplify so we intend to share with friends and family those items that will need pared down.

Missing are the wild and crazy birthday dinners that were had in cold of Pittsburgh. Here’s the culinary highlights.

In other NEWS, Crosby is doing the old dog thing and loving it. . .

Join us for the 2020 Cupids Undie Run, Pittsburgh.
  • As far as sharpening the saw, AKA Self Care there are a few goals and amazingly Crosby is helping with achieving these goals right now. . .
    • Connect with Nature– Hello Long walks around the trails of Highland, Squaw Run and Chamber Plaza parks.
    • Meditate– it’s really easy to do a three minute meditation with one hand on her sleeping belly.
    • Vibe so High, yes wherever she goes she makes me say hello to everybody, because she’s a people dog. . . every body needs magical fibers of love even if they are sitting outside at the bus stop smoking.
  • The last item on my list she constantly makes a little more difficult since it requires me to stick to the plan that I am making to get the first part of 2020 off the ground and grand.

Thanks again to all who have donated to support our team and myself in our fundraising to #FIGHTNF

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