Reba & Crosby

Training on the Allegheny River, with the SUP.

If you need a minute to breathe, open this up in your browser and play the video. Just listen and take in the water.

After reading about the discharge from Olean into the Allegheny sometimes being on top of the water is the better option. It sounds like Olean is not happy either since they tend to recreate in the river. After the paddle debacle at the Anything that Floats, the new ones are a little lighter. Slow river traffic allows for the most efficient travel path up stream to beat the streams and current. Let’s just say a core workout and cardio do happen on top of the river. The views of the fish and birds and mussels are all pretty amazing when looking down.

The food at camp has been elevated this weekend thanks to the Farm Kings. The ground beef, squash, sweet potatoes, bacon and eggs always make the camp a PA culinary center.

Take two minutes out of your day to float and listen to the trickle into the river. The fog lifted, the sun was out and after last nights storms the streams were running.

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