Reba & Crosby

Could’ve been lost somewhere on Broadway.

There is something about being in the bachelorette party capital of the south on a Saturday. Everywhere you go there are party busses, pedal carts and woo girls. You may also run into a Carl Wockner, Jade Million or a few warehouse members that stumble into Acme Feed and Seed.

If you like Las Vegas on NYC, Nashville has that same vibe, just only a few blocks instead of the strip or all of Manhattan. If you stroll just right you will find something to your listening fancy.

Then there was the taste of all things Nashville. Due to our liking of one place it was really not worth running all over for Hot Chicken. 🐔 🐓 🍗. Something about walking down to the river view made Acme Feed and Seed sound like a good choice. Depending on the floor of the Acme the menu differed. Even the sushi was yummo.

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