Newbie Weight Training

What do you train for?

This has been one of my questions to all of the soccer players that I have coached. In the spirit of sharing best practices and trying to make competition fitter, stronger and more productive as Radiohead used to say, I figured I could start with the basics. For newbies the basics are starting out 2-3 times per week, just doing one set to exhaustion or for one minute using two count on extension and two count on the way back to perfect form and range of motion. Normally we’d start this with our Freshmen class and make this their basic workout to get the body back to functional on active rest days throughout the season. Learning how to activate muscles and find proper form is always the first step in getting bigger, stronger and staying on the field.

Leg Press +Calf Extension
Leverage Bench Press
Leverage Row
Leverage Shoulder Press

Lat Pulldown and Tricep Pushdown
Leverage Deadlift and Leverage Shrug
Lying Leg Curl, this dual machine is not ideal for leg extensions, so flip it into the leg curl.
Preacher Curl
ball crunch

You will want to record weights and number of reps so the progress will be measurable over the next 2-3 months. While this may seem easy it is the foundation that will get you set for more complex movements that will improve your power.

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