Updating the artwork?!?

Just a thought, but Dave Cain snapped this the other day and made me think it’s time to frame it and add it to 1812.


I was thinking 16×16 so it can be added to the hallway. Please comment and let me know if you are on board.

In other news camp in Greensburg is done. We saw lots of lightning, clouds, rain, and rubber pellets floating all to the corners of the field. The stream that runs under the field did not flood us, but I did have my life jacket just in case.


The KT tape made an appearance along with ice for the car ride home.IMG_9736

We have one senior who wants to work on big diesel machines when he graduates. If you are interested in providing guidance let me know and I’ll relay that on to him.


It appears the lady friends survived soccer camp week and all the heavy rains and storms. Reba even made it to day camp twice.

Reba and Crosby are looking forward to having Elle back in town for the ALS Walk. Please support Riley’s River Rats.

If you have already donated, THANK YOU!

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