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More artwork ideas:

We just found a new Netflix binge while house cleaning.


We liked the first episodes idea of using a sign in map, instead of a book. 

We also liked the recommendations artwork piece. However we need to create our own.img_7505

  1. Dinner Dates 😚
  2. Drinks for Two 🍷
  3. Breakfast Getaway
  4. Adventures for Couples 🎣
  5. Sights for Sore Eyes 👀
  6. Kid Friendly Eats 🧒
  7. Kid Friendly Places 🧒
  8. Rainy Day Places 🧒
  9. Bring Fido

Yes, Reba and Crosby added their own just incase we make one of these for Grandma’s house. Or in case the board ever makes an Elle rule.

Please, Please comment with your places as some of us really struggle with 5-7.

Here’s and example of how we’d complete it:

  1. Henderson Inn, Cuvee, Boshamps
  2. 1790, Destin Brewery, Back Porch
  3. Whales Tail, Donut Hole, Blue Collar Cafe
  4. YoloBoard Sandestin, BeerWorld Yoga&Hoppiness 🧘‍♀️ , Ponce De Leone
  5. Eden Gardens, LuLu’s
  6. Hooters, Fudpuckers,
  7. Big Kahuna, Destin Aquatic Center, Ecofina Creek
  8. Air Force Armament Museum,
  9. Craft Bar, Pompano Joes

Looking forward to more ideas. Please and Thanks!


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