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DURM, Bulls

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the movie “Bull Durham.” In honor of that it was time to check in on the real life Durham Bulls. They are the AAA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Professional Baseball Club. The 2018 version of the Durham Bulls play in a ballpark that opened in 1995 and had significant upgrades in 2014. The ballpark was built first when they moved from the old park that was used for the movie, then the right field office building. Over the last 20 years two more buildings were built to completely surround the outfield. Duke and UNC often play their home games at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park when the Bulls are on the road.


Cloudy skies surround the DBAP on 4/24/18.



The 32 foot, former Blue Monster now has an LED video board next to the manual scoreboard.


The HIT BULL eat Steak sign hovers atop the left field foul pole.



A Carolina Cue dog with hush puppies.



Amazon, please choose here! Raleigh and Durham are booming, notice crane in background.



Apparently all AAA teams are having a Star Wars promotion night.


In other news, the real reason for the road trip, once the rain stopped we got out!

Hey mom, your concoction is going in the trash! It smells crazy ripe.  Dude cannot find a mug, so guess what he’s drinking out of?IMG_6714

Love you- Dakota and Daisy.

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