Here was what the Post Gazette wrote:  

Romanians seeking asylum are in California, Pa. as part of U.S. Immigration program

PG California PA article.
I know we mentioned that something was happening in Charleroi a while ago. My guess is the locals haven’t caught on to the number of people living in town from Central America, the Carribean, and parts of Asia or else this post could be titled Charleroi, PA wants answers about immigrants. We have met people from all countries and let them let us. They all seem friendly and know that our RuFF means hello. 

Crosby is trying on this vest to help people spot her when she lies underfoot. The countdown to Riverfest is less than 6 days now. We are pumped except for the fireworks part. We are training our dad for the 5k withnlong slow sniff walks. 

Oh Reba wanted to come in for coffee at Perked Up Cafe and has now posted her review. 

We put our solar lights up. Crosby sunned herself  and we out the Christmas Cactus in a bigger pot. It may need a Florida intervention. 

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