This weekend marks the official start of summer for those of us in Pennsylvania.

Reba has her puppy cut! It’s even shorter than when she was in Destin.

Crosby is ready for the Stanley Cup after beating the Senators. She can’t wait for game 1.

There is no soccer this weekend, so no being an other official.

Soccer strength training is only a week away and the season will be starting in only 11 weeks.

Crosby thinks that there was a dead deer floating down the Allegheny this afternoon. The humans were unable to confirm as they couldn’t find binoculars quick enough.

The humans did grind Reclamation today.  

The clouds and rain took control of today, but we did get an awesome sunset.


One response to “Filling in the calendar.”

  1. Aunt Barb Avatar
    Aunt Barb

    It really is a wonderful place to be. Enjoy yourselves; you’re the new generation in charge.

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