In some worlds getting spicy can mean a lot of different things. On this site we will focus on Les trying out the Green Chef.

During the course of these meals there were definitely some hot sweaty moments as the spice was quite hot to the point where there were beads of sweat on uncle Dave’s head. This was a good week for opening up the sinus passages.

The process has been pretty simple since they color code the meal items in each box and provide instructions that can be completed in approximately 40 minutes.

Here are the highlights from week 1:

Persian Sole with spinach, pistachios & cranberry, on top of turnip “rice”

Pineapple Chicken with Bell Pepper, carrots, cremini mushrooms and cashews over a cabbage slaw.

Montreal Steak with roasted parsnips & bell pepper, with a veggie gratin


Week 2 has just arrived and was dropped at 222 and not 722.

Merguez Chicken, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms & tomatoes with almonds.

Super Yummo.  The tomatoes and almonds created a unique flavor that came out with the fresh cilantro.

Thyme-Roasted Pork Chops with sautéed snap peas, sweet potato salad, bacon.

Green Curry Cod with bell pepper, roasted bok choy, cashews and coconut.


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