Reba & Crosby

Teaching old dogs new 

Uncle Dave and Les are making us adapt to change and doing it very quickly. First they made us drive over 1000 miles to Florida. Then after enjoying time with Elle and soaking in the unseasonal warmth they make us pack up and say good bye to Destin to land in Charleroi. PA where finally today the sun came out. 

We do like all the different rooms and our adventure to the construction company. But all this change at once is really wearing us out. 

Add in the walk around Chess Park and we have had a complete day. Yes it was 31 degrees but felt like 17 with the wind chill. Whoever said PA river valleys were warmer than WI swampland is full of dog biscuits. 

Now to get ready for tonight’s wake. 

Oh and Crosby claimed her couch. 

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