Reba & Crosby

What is a Fran salad?

Reba overheard aunt Fran place her lunch order and believes that the Pizza place in Monongahela has an item on the menu called the FRAN SALAD?

That doesn’t sound like anything we would eat, now Pizza would be awesome.

Waiting on pictures of the Fran salad. We hear it’s mostly iceburg lettuce and pizza cheese topped with turkey.

Ok so no pictures, but we did our therapy dog thing on our walk in Monongahela today. This lady and her husband stopped their car along SR88 north and asked if she could get out and pet Cuddles. Apparently they once had an elkhound and were just amazed by her looks. Don’t worry Reba also received lovies. 

We are now official. Bye bye MKE and hello Washington county PA. 


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